Don't forget to fill your prescription for Colyte/Golytely/Trilyte/Nulytely at your pharmacy.

It is very important for you to carefully follow these instructions. A complete colonoscopy cannot be performed on an unclean colon!

5 days prior to your exam

  • Ideally, anti-clotting medications are stopped 5 days prior to your colonoscopy to reduce the risk of bleeding during or after your procedure. If you take anti-clotting medications such as Coumadin, Plavix, PRADAXA, Effient, Brilinta, or Xarelto, then please discuss these medications with the prescribing physician (e.g. cardiologist, neurologist, or primary care provider). You are on these medications for an important clinical reason (e.g. heart disease, cardiac stent, atrial fibrillation, stroke, mechanical heart valve, history of blood clots). Please let us know if you are not allowed to stop these medications or if you are advised to use Lovenox or Heparin prior to your colonoscopy.
  • If you have diabetes, your primary care provider will advise you how to manage your medications prior to the colonoscopy (e.g. insulin).

3 days prior to your exam

  • Avoid nuts, seeds, whole wheat bread, beans, corn, raw vegetables or fruits with seeds or skin, as they may adversely influence the quality of your exam.

2 days prior to your exam

  • You may eat a regular dinner, but stop eating solid foods after 7:00 pm.
  • You may continue to drink clear liquids. This means liquids you can see through such as apple juice, water, Sprite, Jell-O, Coffee (no creamer), tea, clear chicken or beef broth, clear Gatorade/Powerade, or Crystal Light. No milk or pulp products: Avoid anything with red dye.

1 day prior to your exam

  • Restrict your diet to clear liquids. No solid food until after the procedure. Stay hydrated!
  • Add water to the Prep jug, shake well, and refrigerate. If you prefer, just add cold water to the container.
  • By 5:00 pm, start drinking ½ gallon of the Prep (2 liters) over 2 hours.
  • Continue to drink clear liquids to stay hydrated.

The day of your exam

  • Remember not to have any food until after your procedure!
  • At least 5-6 hours before your procedure start time, drink the remaining ½ gallon of the Prep (2 liters) over 2 hours. Be sure to finish all of it. This may require you to get up in the middle of the night, if you have an early morning exam.
  • You may have only clear liquids up until 4 hours prior to your procedure start time. We must insist on this “nothing by mouth” time for patient safety. Do not have anything by mouth after this point, as your stomach must be completely empty at the time of the procedure.
  • If you have diabetes, test your blood sugar before coming in for your exam and bring the reading with you. If you take oral medications for your diabetes, don’t take them the morning of your procedure unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. If you take insulin, take only ½ of your usual morning dose and bring the insulin with you to the procedure.
  • You may take your usual medications (e.g. for blood pressure). Any medications taken the day of your procedure may be taken with a small sip of water, at least 4 hours prior to your procedure start time.
  • You may apply zinc oxide or petroleum jelly to anal area to prevent irritation from the prep. Baby wipes or adult diapers may be considered.

Other information

  • You must have someone available to drive you home after your colonoscopy. If you are planning to take a taxi home, then a friend or family member must accompany you. Plan on spending 2-3 hours at the facility.
  • You may receive up to 4 separate bills: 1-facility, 2-physician, 3-pathology, 4-anesthesia.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Bring your glasses, hearing aids, insurance cards and completed information forms, if applicable. Avoid bringing valuables. We will expect payment of co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles at the time of service.
  • If you must cancel or reschedule your procedure, then you must give notice 2 full business days in advance. Failure to do so will result in a $100 cancellation fee.